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One, and still there's two
I'll never know what's true
Two, but still just one
Some things cannot be undone

Neither one nor two nor three
Girl believe me I love thee
Some many girls, and still none
Trust me this isn't fun

One thing for two girls
Shiny like beautiful pearls
One heart yet insecure
Shouldn't love be pure?

Four years so far
They left more than a scar
Another four of those
Would be the end of it I suppose

Cravings for long long years
I feel like bursting into tears
Iced my broken heart
And tored it all apart

Left alone with those pieces of heart
I don't know where to start
I could lie down and die
Or sit in a dark corner and cry
This wouldn't solve my problems
So I continue writing poems
Maybe I'm just doomed to live like this
If only I could get at least a kiss
That's the one thing I most miss



Imagine a group of stars
Would group up so it looks just for us two
Like a moon that shines upon us in blue
An heals our scars

Life had just begun
Now I ask what I have done
Left alone with no identity

I regret so much
And fear to loose the touch
My life is a mess

I don't want to loose you
Although I'd deserve to
As I would to die.

Beneath the sky
Above the earth
Everyone gets
What they deserves



Das Ende meines neusten Projektes (von dem ich erst die ersten paar Zeilen und die lezten paar habe...):

I took a bullet for my valentine
For this valentine
That won't ever be my valentine
Her golden hair floats down to her shoulders
My royal red floats down to the floor
My tears don't fall
I smile here at the edge of the desert
I took a bullet for my valentine
And now deserted of all hope here I lie
I've fallen into the abyss of love
WIth my hands in blood, dead here I lie

PS: Ja BFMV hatte da seine Finger im Spiel
PPS: Ja es hat Anspielungen auf ältere 'Werke'


End of the world

Why does the sun keep on shining?
Why do the birds keep on singing?
Don't they know it's the end of the world?

Why didn't she notice anything?
Why does the girl keep on smiling?
Doesn't she know it was the end of my world?



Empty world

No one there
In this world

No Appointment
Cruel world

Stories filling this world

Keep me sad
Make me feel bad
Make me feel unwelcome here in this world

In this world full of my
So here I lie and cry


Abyss of love

There was this girl so bright
I was thinking about her all night
I needed long to realise
That I had fallen in love

There was this girl so cute
And I was just stupid and rude
Anyway I did the thing
Confessed her my feelings

Oh all you mighty angels above
Why don't you hear my cry?
I'm fallen into the abyss of love
Deserted of all hope here I lie

She didn't say anything
But no answer is an answer as well
I never trusted in happy ends
And this end let me suffer like hell

Oh all you mighty angels above
Why don't you hear my cry?
I'm fallen into the abyss of love
Deserted of all hope here I lie

You've stolen me my last courage
But I still can't call you a bitch
'Cause although I tried to forget
I'm still in love and I regret

I wished I could lie in a girls arm again
Without thinking at her
Without suffering that pain
Without driving insane

Oh all you mighty angels above
Why don't you hear my cry?
I'm fallen into the abyss of love
Deserted of all hope here I lie

Deserted in the abyss of love I lie
Waiting for the one who helps me out
Deserted of all hope I wait


Snow Withe

Standing lonely in the rain
With nothing but this endless pain
Thinking how you've done me wrong
Didn't know how I should get along
But then she came to me
I first didn't agree
Didn't want in love to fall
But then wanted just to be like them
So this was my first night
I've met this dear snow white
It was just love at first sight
Although I knew it wasn't right

So I began to fall and fall
Still hoping for someones call
But no friends were there for me
So it was up to her to calm down me
So I spent no single night
Without the love of my snow white
It was love at first sight
But still I knew it wasn't right

One day I kissed my snow white
Ran out on the street so bright
So flashed I couln't even see
But then a car ran over me
Snow withe I love you so
But why then did you let me go?


Green Fairy

Behind the hills
So green so beauty
Is where the Green Fairies live
So sweet so though
They come for mens plesure
So hard so dangerous
They steel their minds
So tricky so fatal
They go back and leave the men
Without their minds
Just in faint
They are mens greatest friends
They are mens greatest fiends
They are the Green Fairies form the Hills!


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schöne geschichte! :)
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